2024 Dog License Form

Please click on the following link and print the form off.

Dog License Form 2023

Dog tags can be picked up at my home or you can send a SASE and a tag(s) will be mailed to you. The form will also be available at the Maple post office.

Thank you for licensing your fur baby!!!

Happy 2023 from your Town of Maple board.

Dear Dog Owner:
If you own a dog and do not buy a dog license, you could be placed on a delinquent dog license list and the delinquent dog license tax can be collected in the same manner as personal property taxes. The only exception for not buying a dog license is if the dog is kept for educational or scientific purposes. Dogs specially trained to lead blind or deaf persons or to provide support for mobility –impaired persons can obtain a free dog license.

For your information, all dog license fees are deposited into a dog license fund. After deducting expenses for forms and license tags, and retaining $1,000.00 for payment of potential dog damage claims, the balance of the fund is given to the Humane Society of Douglas County.

By purchasing a dog license, you are not only protecting your pet in the event it should become lost, you are supporting your local animal shelter. Only 9% of dogs in Douglas County are licensed. This is a significantly low number in comparison to other counties.  Be a responsible dog owner, and buy a license, it’s the law. Please contact your municipal treasurer for information regarding purchasing a license.